Mortadelo y Filemon 2


The most famous Spanish comic returns to the big screen


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After their first box office hit, Mortadelo and Filemon (Mort and Phil) return to the big screen with new, fun adventures.

In their latest feature film Mortadelo and Filemon 2, Mission: Save the Planet, the two T.I.A. agents embark on a dangerous mission to save the planet from the evil Botijola.

To beat Botijola, they’ll have to use their questionable wit and the help of the ‘beautiful’ Ofelia, as well as Professor Bacterio's inventions.

A new web page full of sound effects, jokes from the comic books, and other elements to customize your PC were created as part of the movie's promotional campaign.

You can also enjoy a fun screensaver in which the main characters make snappy comments at you through speech bubbles in pure comic book fashion.
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